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Thad ParkerThad Parker
10:41 15 Jun 22
Using Master Plan Tax Services has been the largest waste of my time and money. Any person standing on the side of the road wearing a Statue of Liberty costume can do a better job.I came to them because the are a Ramsey Trusted ELP. What I learned is that they shouldn’t be trusted at all.Their communication skills while preparing my taxes was ZERO.. Then followed up with a huge bill from the IRS because they made an error on my filing.Michael Lawrence sent an email stating what he thought the problem most likely was, and it was clear that he had the documents and information that he needed to begin with.Instead of helping me correct the mistake they made on my filing, they ghosted me and left me to find another tax preparer that could fix their errors.
Eden BullockEden Bullock
16:19 29 Apr 22
The entire team is incredibly helpful and diligent in their work. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with them.
Steven SettelmayerSteven Settelmayer
18:47 21 Apr 22
Very knowledgeable, quick and friendly service. They have prepared my taxes for three years now. The best tax preparation service I've ever used.
vinodh ramadossvinodh ramadoss
21:21 20 Apr 22
For the past three years, including this year, I have used Master Plan Tax Service. My CFP recommended me to Jeremy, who was really helpful during my first year with them when I had numerous challenges. Every year since then, I've had a wonderful experience working with them. They have helped me avenues to save tax dollars each year. Sudha has been great to work with.
Zach WrightZach Wright
11:15 31 Mar 22
Master plan is a GREAT company! Very knowledgeable, friendly, innovative, professional and they DO what they say they are doing to do for you. They help make things clear and teach you along the way. You won’t find anyone better to help you with your tax service needs.
Sheila DowlenSheila Dowlen
18:01 27 Mar 22
Wonderful service!Amy and Preston guided me through the process. My tax return was completed promptly and at a reasonable price--about $150.00 less than former company . I also really liked the convenient location.
Scott FosterScott Foster
15:01 25 Mar 22
Great place, great people, great service. Highly recommend.
Jennifer KrokenJennifer Kroken
22:44 13 Nov 21
I had all of my questions answered...plus a few I hadn't thought of. I felt like I was in good hands!

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We’re able to represent individuals, families and small businesses in the event of an IRS audit or in tax court.
What is the Failure to Pay Penalty?

What is the Failure to Pay Penalty?

The “Failure to Pay” penalty is a punitive fine levied by the Internal Revenue Service for not paying the tax that you stated you owe on your return. The penalty the IRS charges is based on a percentage of the money you owe. However, the penalty will not exceed 25...

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What is IRS Representation?

What is IRS Representation?

One of the most dreaded things for a business owner is receiving an audit letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Such a letter could bring your business to a halt because of confusion, panic, and financial consequences that might follow. This is true if your...

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Time is running out do you need to file an extension?

Time is running out do you need to file an extension?

There is no need to panic if you miss the deadline to file your taxes. You can fill out a free form 4868 and file for an extension. If you file for an extension, then you have until October 15 to file your taxes. Keep in mind that filing an extension does not absolve...

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