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Tax File Preparation Services

We prepare individuals, families, business and organization federal and state tax filings.

Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

We serve businesses with their bookkeeping and payroll service needs.

IRS Representation Services

We’re able to represent individuals, families and small businesses in the event of an IRS audit or in tax court.

What is Comprehensive Financial Planning?

Comprehensive financial planning is a must-have skill for anyone who wants to achieve financial freedom. However, even the most successful people need help from time to time. That's why having a plan for your future is so important. Financial planning is more than...

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What is the Failure to Pay Penalty?

The “Failure to Pay” penalty is a punitive fine levied by the Internal Revenue Service for not paying the tax that you stated you owe on your return. The penalty the IRS charges is based on a percentage of the money you owe. However, the penalty will not exceed 25...

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What is IRS Representation?

One of the most dreaded things for a business owner is receiving an audit letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Such a letter could bring your business to a halt because of confusion, panic, and financial consequences that might follow. This is true if your...

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