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We prepare individuals, families, business and organization federal and state tax filings.

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We serve businesses with their bookkeeping and payroll service needs.

IRS Representation Services

We’re able to represent individuals, families and small businesses in the event of an IRS audit or in tax court.

What is the Payroll Tax “Holiday”?

As part of the economic relief efforts targeted towards helping people recover from the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, the President recently issued an executive order declaring a Payroll Tax "Holiday." However, it's not a true Holiday - yes, you may see more money in...

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What is IRS Audit Representation, and Why Do You Need it?

You've been audited by the IRS.   You must be dreaming. But you're not. You're holding that letter from the Internal Revenue Service telling you that the agency wants to review your business or personal tax filings. The letter's stern tone makes it clear that it's an...

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4 Executive Orders

On Saturday the President signed executive orders that we'll outline below with commentary: Federal Unemployment Continuation - the previous Covid unemployment up to $600/week enacted earlier by Congress terminated on 7/31.  This new extension order allows for up to...

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