Financial Planning/Investment Advice

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning is the process of helping you steward your finances well through independent financial advice and planning steps such as helping you understand how you relate to your money, assess and grow wealth building traits along with a Lifetime Projection of your cash flow and net worth, interactive “What if” implications, debt strategies, student loan analysis, overall investment plan for all of your accounts, insurance analysis, employee benefit strategies, tax planning & strategies, estate planning review. Together, we help you make healthy financial decisions to live stress free and build your wealth over time. We go in to each each area of your financial life, taking a comprehensive approach to any recommendations.

Fee-Only Investment Advice & Management

As a Fee-Only firm, so we have no products to sell, but we also have no account minimums, so we can work with all people! We also advise on your 401(k), 403(b), and other outside accounts to create a custom investment portfolio for you. Let us do the research, implementation, and rebalancing in tax-efficient ways.  We implement custom portfolios built around your outside investments, your goals, your risk tolerance. We also have quarterly portfolio review meetings, consider tax loss harvesting & tax location.

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