How will the passage of The SECURE Act impact your tax situation? On December 20, 2019, President Donald Trump signed this landmark piece of legislation into law. Passed with bipartisan support, the “Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act” (also called “The Secure Act”) creates new incentives for employees to save money towards retirement. It will likely impact workplaces around the United States significantly.

Ease Your Tax Preparation Burden

Fortunately, Master Plan Tax Services possesses the skills required to provide experienced tax preparation assistance to Americans impacted by the SECURE Act. We’ll gladly discuss this legislation with you. Let us help you find legal, effective strategies for boosting your retirement savings. We offer conscientious, accurate tax services to help clients respond to the passage of new laws.

Contact us online via our convenient website inquiry form. You may also reach us by writing to P.O. Box 271113 in Flower Mound, Texas 75027-1113, or by scheduling an appointment to visit our offices at 1011 Surrey Ln, Unit 200 in Flower Mound, Texas 75022. We remain available to meet with you to discuss your tax preparation needs individually.

The Advantages of Using Master Plan Tax Services in Flower Mound TX

Why should residents of Flower Mound TX and outlying communities request our tax preparation assistance? First, we ensure our personnel remain current in their understanding of federal and state laws impacting taxes. Second, we monitor new developments closely. Perhaps you never knew Congress considered the SECURE Act? Many busy people lack the time to track new bills impacting the preparation of taxes. Our company focuses full-time in this field, so we study new legislative developments!

Third, in addition to offering timely tax preparation services and insights about legislation impacting taxes, our company can also represent customers when they require the assistance of an Enrolled Agent to discuss tax issues for them with the IRS. When tax matters arise, our company furnishes knowledgeable, honest support. You won’t find yourself alone if the IRS questions a tax return that we prepared: our Enrolled Agent supplies experienced tax representation assistance.

Bookkeeping and Payroll Services, Too

Residents of the Flower Mound Area also value our bookkeeping and payroll services. Sometimes appreciating the full impact of a tax change proves easier when a client can also discuss bookkeeping and payroll services with a tax preparer. In this respect, we strive to supply a high level of customer assistance. Many of our clients operate small businesses. Would you like to offer your employees 401(k) plans pursuant to The SECURE Act? We understand this goal!

Finally, after extensive unsuccessful efforts to pass versions of the Retirement Enhancement And Savings Act (“RESA”), Congress instead enacted The SECURE Act. Ask us to help you augment savings for retirement under this legislation. Both individuals and many small businesses will likely witness significant tax impacts as a result of the new federal law. Call us today for assistance at 684-444-7526 in the Flower Mound Area!