Master Plan Tax Services is one of the most professional and trusted names in tax preparation. You can trust Master Plan Tax Services with any and all of your financial needs, including but not limited to, tax preparation and payroll Located in Flower Mound TX the company is the premier resource in the region for financial consulting.

Tax Preparation

Master Plan Tax Services employees are experts in the field of tax preparation. With over a decade of tax preparation experience combined, you can count on the Master Plan Tax Services team to complete your taxes with flying colors. The process begins with a simple call or e-mail to our office to set up your telephone or in person appointment. There are various documents that will need to be completed and signed prior to your appointment, which can be found on the website. It is advised that you download this paperwork and fill it out well before your scheduled intake.

The company is mobile and a member of the team can come to the home, place of business, or community meeting place in Flower Mound TX , in order to consult with you about your tax preparation needs. The team aims to earn you maximum profits on your return and exercise compliance with all tax regulations, in order to avoid your taxes being audited.


Master Plan Tax Services offers payroll services, too. The team understands that payroll is not just payment of employees, but also maintaining security of employee data. Each employee fills out a W-4 form that contains vital and private information. The company is responsible for maintaining this information as private. The team consults with the business owner to assist in keeping logs of employee hours, organizing systems for paid time off, and logging wages with hours. The company also assists with logging and organizing overtime. Each business has its own system when it pertains to handing out overtime and it is important to consult with professional to determine how to establish said system.

Master Plan Tax Services also coordinates with the business owner to determine how to hand out benefits to employees. The team, or the individual with whom the small business owner is working, will consult with the small business owner to determine what the benefits package will look like for his or her business. There will be questions regarding what types of benefits will be offered. Will health insurance be offered? If so, will it include dental insurance? Will the company offer employees a 401(k)?

All of these questions must be asked and answered in order to determine what the benefits package will look like for your business. A Master Plan Tax Services team member will be with you every step of the way in order to actualize a realistic and wonderful benefits package plan as part of payroll services.

Call us today at (682) 444-PLAN (7526), or fill out our online form. Then don’t lose another night worrying about your tax situation.