The Benefits Of Payroll Services For Small Businesses
A payroll service can help small businesses by streamlining their business function through automation. These services can add value to your business by being integrated through all your business functions. Some basic functions include:

1.Process payroll, calculate and file payroll taxes and generate payroll tax statements

2.File quarterly tax reports, pay employees’ withholding to proper state, local and federal agencies

3.Issue W-2 and 1099 forms to employees at the end of the year. If your service makes an error, they pay any relating fines, penalties or interest

4.Your service may integrate with other software your business uses, such as accounting or human resource software

5.Your wage and labor reports provided by your service can give you valuable insight into how your business operates

6.It also manages worker compensation, unemployment insurance and paid time off management.

Your service gives you options of choosing how you will pay employees, such as paper checks, direct deposit or payment cards. It can help with compliance to federal, state and local laws, rules, codes and regulations to prevent any fines or penalties. Compliance include safety and inspection standards and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission standards.

It can also help your business establish policies and procedures in written form. If any questions or circumstances arise, you were in compliance with your business’s policies and procedures. Your policies and procedures should be posted where all can see. They should include progressive discipline measures, alcohol and drug policies and rules regarding paid time off. All policies and procedures should be included in your employee handbook as well.

Your options of how often you will run your payroll include monthly, bimonthly, biweekly or weekly. It is more expensive the more you use it. You can pay a monthly fee or a fee by the number of employees. Your employees may need access to view pay stubs or tax forms. You must find a payroll service that offer the features you want and that will fit in your business budget.

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