You’ve been audited by the IRS.


You must be dreaming. But you’re not. You’re holding that letter from the Internal Revenue Service telling you that the agency wants to review your business or personal tax filings. The letter’s stern tone makes it clear that it’s an invitation you can’t turn down.

Sure, it sounds like a nightmare, but it’s a more common reality than you might think. The IRS performs about a million individual audits a year, and that doesn’t even count businesses scrutinized for their tax filings.

The audit process is also manageable if you have the right professionals in your corner. That’s where we come in. At Master Plan Tax Services, we have in-depth experience and expertise in IRS audit representation in Flower Mound, TX.

Let’s start with a little background.


IRS Audit Representation


There are any number of reasons that your personal or business tax returns might pose a red flag to the IRS. The first thing to remember is that an audit isn’t a death sentence. It might be the result of a minor error in your filing, a misunderstanding of a deduction or just additional explanations needed. The more complicated your return, the likelier a claim or deduction might be questioned.

And that’s all that’s really happening with an audit: you’re being further questioned. It’s just that those queries can be hard to answer if you don’t feel you’re on equal ground with the government agent sitting across from you.

He or she knows all about the tax code, but you barely know what that is. You literally don’t speak the same language. It’s easy to feel confused and intimidated under the weight of paperwork and receipts and thick files stacked high on the table between you and your agent.

Fortunately, when it comes to IRS audits, we’re not intimidated. We feel right at home. We handle audits as a regular part of our business at Master Plan. Owner Jeremy Andries has passed very comprehensive IRS testing and attends 72 hours of continuing education courses every three years in order to earn and to keep his Enrolled Agent designation.

We’re not intimidated by your agent and we have the full training and ability to represent you before any IRS proceeding.

Your first step is simply to contact us. We’ll examine your paperwork, research and discuss with you the issues we think you face, and formulate a strategy for conducting the audit. Even if that audit results in additional tax expenditures, we can negotiate an installment plan or offer-in-compromise.

Whatever we decide to do, it will be a shared plan. You will know and give your pre-approval to every move we make. We’ll answer all of your questions and make sure that you understand and support our response to your audit.


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Don’t waste another moment stressing over your IRS audit. And don’t try to handle it without the backing of a professional. At Master Plan Tax Services, we’re a certified Flower Mound, TX expert in IRS audit representation.

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