Working with the Internal Revenue Service can be a daunting time if you don’t have the right people representing you.  If you’re looking for IRS representation in Flower Mound, Texas, Master Plan Tax Solutions may be the professional team that you’ve been trying to find. Our enrolled agent, Jeremy Andries, is qualified to represent you when dealing with the IRS.

What is IRS Representation?

An IRS representative is an attorney, enrolled agent or certified public accountant that is authorized to work directly with the IRS. This individual has the ability to interact with the IRS, provide information and explain information on your behalf, and enter agreements with the IRS. This representative that you chose will be seen as you by the IRS. If you have issues with taxes, are under audit or need to negotiate with the IRS, you will want a representative to take your place when in front of the IRS.

What Does ‘The Right to Representation Mean’?

As a taxpayer, you have rights that are written into law that the IRS is required to acknowledge and adhere to. In these laws, you have the right to representation when dealing with the IRS. This is what the right to representation means for you as a taxpayer.

  • You have the right to choose an authorized individual to represent you in your dealings with the IRS.
  • If you have an interview with the IRS, you may select someone to represent you.
  • If you get representation, you do not have to be present with them unless you are summonsed by the IRS.
  • If you request to consult with a representative, the IRS, in most cases, must suspend your interview.
  • Any CPA, attorney or enrolled agent that is authorized to represent you and is not suspended or disbarred can submit a power of attorney to represent you.
  • You have the right to assistance from a low-income taxpayer clinic if you cannot afford a representative.

How Do I Get IRS Representation from Master Plan Tax Solutions?

Our enrolled agent can represent you in front of the IRS. We’ll take the stress out of dealing with the IRS for you. First, you will want to schedule an intro call or appointment with us by calling us at 682-444-PLAN (7526), emailing us or by scheduling an appointment online. Next, we’ll research and discuss your tax related issue and put a plan together for you. It’s a fairly easy process to get representation and makes handling your tax problems less overwhelming. Our team of trusted professionals are available and ready to help you today.

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