When a small business begins to hire employees, it is a significant milestone for that business owner. With that comes challenges like payroll taxes and business owners may find themselves needing help from a payroll service provider with their accounting needs. Payroll taxes are a common area where growing businesses begin to get confused.

Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA) Taxes

This tax cover both Social Security taxes and Medicare taxes. These taxes split responsibility between the employer and the employee. While they are grouped together, the two are paid individually. Social security taxes have a cap that keep the employees from earning over a certain amount. Medicare does not have a cap.

Additional Medicare Tax

For those that have a higher wage, an additional Medicare tax will need to be paid. While employers are required to deduct this additional tax from employees that meet the wage requirement, they are not required to match it.

Federal Unemployment Tax

If a business pays more than $1,500 to employees in a quarter, they are subject to this tax. This tax will also apply if they have a minimum of 1 employee for at least 20 weeks. This tax is paid by the employer for each employee that they have.

State Unemployment Tax

This tax is also paid by the employer but, if paid on time, they may eb able to receive a tax credit lowering their federal unemployment tax. In a few states, the employee also contributes to state unemployment tax.

State and Local Payroll Taxes

An employer may be required to pay additional taxes such as short-term disability, FMLA and other assistant programs, depending on where they employ people. It’s best to check with a local, licensed tax professional to ensure that you’re following all of the state and local tax requirements.

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